Oregon Alley canned 6 pack

Oregon Alley

American Imperial India Pale Ale

8.0% ABV | 99 IBU

Hops, hops, and more hops. Brewed with a whopping 4lbs of hops per barrel, our Imperial IPA delivers and then some for hoppy, bitter goodness. Highlighting Centennial, Zeus, Cascade, Crystal, and Zythos Hops.

2015 Alltech Commonwealth Cup Bronze Medal Winner
2014 King of Ohio IPA Challenge-Dayton’s Best IPA and top 15 IPA in Ohio

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Broken Trolley canned 6 pack

Broken Trolley

American Style Blonde Ale

5.3% ABV | 16 IBU

Clean, refreshing, and drinkable. Notes of Biscuit Malt, clean English yeast flavor with slight fruit aroma, light Cascade and Saaz hops make this beer an everyday drinker.

2015 Alltech Commonwealth Cup Bronze Medal Winner

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Java Man Cometh canned 6 pack

Java Man Cometh

American Coffee Stout

7.0% ABV | 30 IBU

Unlike any coffee stout we’ve had before. This beer is packed full of chocolate, caramel, and slight raisin flavors. Brewed with ten pounds of cold brewed Highlander Grogg coffee beans to send this beer to the next level.

2015 Best of Craft Beer Gold Medal Winner
2015 Alltech Commonwealth Cup Bronze Medal Winner

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Seasonal Beers

Hand-crafted through
sweat, blood, and dedication

A style often forgotten or overlooked. Our American strong ale is brewed with multiple caramel malts and candi sugar lending a fuller, sweeter body. We then dry hop with Simcoe hops to add complexity and mild pine, passionfruit, and citrus notes.

12.00% ABV – 52 IBU
Our award winning Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout topping out at 12% abv. Huge notes of chocolate, coffee, and raspberries with a velvet smooth mouthfeel.

This huge Double India Pale Ale is loaded with a combination of our favorite hops and carries a massive grain bill along the way. Dry hopped with over 5 varieties to lend an incredible spectrum of hop flavors and aromas including resin, berries, tropical fruits, citrus, and pine. Can you break the hop Code?

These cold winter months call for a beer of no ordinary disposition. This huge doppelbock is filled with chewy caramel notes, clean german yeast, and a medium light body to make the beast surprisingly drink-able.

5.8% ABV – 24 IBU (Spring Release)
A delightful twist to an old world style. We brew this beer with roasted barley, special roast, and English pale ale malts to lend a deep reddish brown hue that is ever so inviting. Aromas of toffee, caramel, and roasted barley dominate. Smooth yet extremely drinkable

6.7% ABV – 67 IBU (Summer Release)
A lighter hopped and lighter bodied India Pale Ale. This beer is lightly hopped in the boil ad mashed at a lower temperature to give it an easy drinking summer mouthfeel. We then add a generous portion of dry hops to make the nose and flavor fills your senses with wonderful hoppy goodness. Brewed to be a very drinkable beer for those warm summer days.

7.2% ABV – 68 IBU
Our black IPA highlights a perfectly blended balance of malt and hops. Dark and Black in every sense of the word, we aggressively hop this beer late in the kettle and dry hopping to accentuate hop flavor more than bitterness to showcase the dark malts that add complexity. Chinook and Nugget hops are the signature hops delivering notes of pine, herbs, spice, and a hint of grapefruit.

2014 Alltech Commonwealth Cup Silver Medal Winner

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